Black Color Kohl Eye Pencil Comparisons – Review Drugstore Brands

Every Girl ….Indian girl  at least  will have faced the smudged kohl liner dilemma. I ,personally love lining the lower eye line with Kohl stick. The only reason I don’t apply it everyday is that it smudges and spreads all over my face after some hours. A lot of girls like me will be on the look out for the perfect kohl stick for day time use that will not smudge and spread so easily. I tested three sticks last week and I have finally found the winner.
I tested 1) Lakme Kajal 2) Maybelline Colossal Kajal and 3) Lakme Eyeconic

Ease of Use :

Winner : The Lakme Eyeconic Stick and Maybelline stick gives better grip and control over application because of the slim shape. Loser : The old school Lakme pencil being on the bulkier side is a tad bit difficult to control
Aesthetic Value :
Winner : The Maybelline Colossal Kajal packaging is very eye catching
Loser :  The packaging of both Lakme brands are a nondescript black in color
Winner : The Lakme eyeconic kajal is the longest lasting of all three eye pencils
Loser : The old school Lakme stick smudges within 2 hours of application
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