How to Spend a Week in Sicily

Guest Post : Mary Johnson

One of the must-visit places in Italy is the Mediterranean island of Sicily. A trip to the south will not only immerse you into traditional Italian lifestyle; it also provides a traveler the opportunity to see the many beautiful places there are. Sicily is full of many surprises and spending a week there will surely be all worth it. There are quaint little fishing towns, medieval villages, Baroque cities, ancient ruins, and natural reserves. To top it off, the coastline boasts pristine waters and stunning panorama. When you are planning your holiday in Sicily, renting a villa is the best option to choose to enjoy the local atmosphere. You can browse a lot of homes and villas on sites like to check their facilities and find the most suitable place for you. Here is a good suggestion on how you can make the most of a week’s stay in the island.



Starting from Palermo, you can find yourself immersed in the busy streets of the island’s capital. There are so many sights to see as well as food to taste to make you stay on longer. A visit to the morning markets will introduce you to the daily pace of ordinary Sicilian lifestyle. There are so many ornate buildings and churches to visit. As you go around the city, drop by the gelateria and get lost in the many flavors of Sicilian gelato. Stop by the pastry shops for a taste of the island’s delightful Cannoli or Cassata which you will never taste anywhere else. Two or three days in Palermo would be enough to let you see the city as well as do some side trips to Monreale and the beautiful Aeolian Islands.

Don’t get caught on too much by the alluring Palermitan life; move on to your next itinerary. Cefalù is the place to be if you love watching sunsets on sandy beaches. The town is pretty charming itself with a lot of sights worth seeing. With elegant buildings and a grandiose history, it is the perfect place to spend a day or two to bask in the sun. Worthy of stops are the Duomo, the Museo Mandralisca, and the Sanctuary of Gibilmanna.

A day in Taormina should be included in your week’s agenda. This picturesque town is popular for its ancient  theatre which is the venue for the annual Taormina film festival. From that vantage point, you can have a stupendous view of the Mediterranean up to the magnificent slopes of Mt. Etna. It is noteworthy that nearby Isola Bella and Giardini Naxos are perfect places to catch some sun.

The next day, go on to Modica and find yourself in the middle of a Baroque town that is even made more popular for their unique chocolate following the ancient chocolate-making recipe of the New World. This is a perfect base or a daytrip for some delicious Sicilian cuisine. It would be a pity not to have a taste of the different chocolate flavours they have, from chili pepper to agrumi, as well as sea salt. One will fully enjoy the gastronomic pilgrimage this place offers.

Visiting Sicily is not complete without a stop in Agrigento to see the Valley of the Temples. It is known that the ancient Greek temples are some of the best-preserved in the world. A day or two is needed to enjoy this once powerful and important Greek city in ancient history. Renting a car will come in handy as the location of the temples is well off the main roads.

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