I shifted to Gurgaon just about two years back. I am a big fan of the NCR nightlife and I have been enjoying the weekends here like crazy! When I shifted here, I hit the ground running and started exploring famous places like Hauz Khas Village, Cyber Hub, Khan Market, Connaught Place and Galleria Market. Over the past year I have realized, that to really know a place you have to explore the place like a local. But being a working professional I couldn’t actually go out and explore my city like the local that I now am after spending two years in NCR. This place has so much to offer in terms of food, shopping and weekend outings that even after spending two years here, I have barely scratched the surface.

When I saw on Indiblogger that there was an opportunity with to explore my city- Gurgaon with Oyo Rooms like a local, I was more than excited to apply. I got an exciting invite from Oyo Rooms Team.They had charted out a fun #Oyoxplorer challenge sheet to make sure that you go beyond scratching the surface and don’t end up doing the things that you anyways do on a weekend. The challenge sheet seemed super exciting and fun.

It was a superhot day but I was excited about the challenge and I will share with you the most unusual and interesting day I had exploring Gurgaon on a Sunny Saturday on my own.

We checked in at Oyo Premium at Gurgaon and it was super easy to locate via Google maps. The impression that I had in my mind about Oyo Rooms was that they provide affordable basic room experience. But when I checked into my room, I  was pleasantly surprised. The room was exactly like any standard room of any hotel in India, but this one was far more affordable.



Before I go any further I would like to talk about the pros and cons of my experience with Oyo Rooms:


  • All Basic amenities were in place
  • Super hygienic and clean bathrooms with basic toiletries
  • Comfortable and clean bed
  • Room was complete with facilities like TV, Refrigerator and AC in working condition
  • Super affordable rooms with great Service and Breakfast at affordable rates
  • Accessibility from all major points in the city – There are innumerable Oyo Room options to choose from across localities


  • Other Services – The services that you get in a good hotel like a swimming pool, gym etc. will not be available here
  • The Oyo Rooms facility can be located in residential areas and not in commercial areas like other hotels

But, I must say for the price, Oyo Rooms is definitely is doing an excellent job and I will be using the Oyo Room app to book my rooms whenever I am traveling in India from now on.



Let’s start exploring Gurgaon now:

I started off with donning the #Oyoxplorer cap and being pleased with the result I promptly took a selfie. Look how cute the cap is!


Time to move out of the rooms to explore – So I go out on the road and screeched “ Bhaiya” and the cycle auto materializes. I ask him to take me to M.G Road and the exploring has officially started!


Next on my list after this blatant self-admiration was obviously food. And then I accidently 😉 stumbled into a nearest Bikanervala at MG Road in Gurgaon. I wanted to eat something light and chatpatta as I had to finish the whole challenge sheet within the stipulated time. The tastiest thing on the menu as per yours truly is the big bad Raj Kachori which I promptly devoured.


Once the hunger pangs were fully satisfied the creative juices kicked in and I took off to see what tickets were available at the Mall. As it sadly turned out all tickets were sold out for Tanu weds Manu returns.


So I moved on to explore other options in Gurgaon. On the way, we passed this Bharti Airtel’s corporate building. People say that it has colorful lights embedded in the façade and it’s a very colorful sight to behold in the evening. Gurgaon the corporate hub of NCR boasts of many such unique and state –of – the –art office buildings. We moved on to explore the Ambiance mall and yours truly indulged in some much-needed shopping


All the exploring had made me hungry again and we decided to explore the street food options in Gurgaon. On the way, we met some kids playing cricket in a vacant plot by the side of the road and I decided to interrupt their game with some cold drinks and Ice cream cones. At first they were not over enthusiastic about letting me play with them but in the end we ended up being the best of chums.


In the evening, the weather turned for better and we called a friend and asked him to lend us his bike to explore the street food options in crowded markets. I rode pillion and my husband drove me around the streets.


Searching for Nariyal Paani I chanced upon this local drink called Bel Juice which was served with a generous helping of ice. It’s supposed to have qualities that help against sunstroke.It was a sweet and refreshing drink and we were reenergized for the endeavor.


We passed by a Shiv Mandir and bought some bright and colorful flowers from “Chacha” and chit chatted with him over a cup of tea. Also, we met this interesting kid who worked for a plant nursery after school. Talking pointlessly with people is the only way to know people!


Took a selfie with the Security professional outside a shop and was scolded for taking pictures inside the shop


Now, when I was shifting to Gurgaon from Gujarat, people warned me about there being no street food options in Gurgaon. Everybody said Delhi is a street food heaven but in Gurgaon you will not find anything. But, on the contrary,  I have discovered a few places over the years that serve wonderful street food.My favorite joints are Goli Vada pao in HUDA metro station, Burger Point in Sector 15 and innumerable Chhole Kulcha shops in Sector 44. We decided to visit one of our street food favorite Lava Burger in Sector 15 that evening.


We then proceeded further and captured a beautiful sunset from the Sector 15 market parking lot. A bit later in the evening I realized that I had missed out on taking a sunset selfie and hit the road again to capture a proper sunset with a selfie before going back to our Oyo Room.



Evenings in Gurgaon after the rush hour are generally serene and I discovered this beautiful blooming tree on this picture perfect deserted road.


Tired after a long day we went back to Oyo rooms to relax and watch some TV before calling it a day!


I had a great and exciting day exploring Gurgaon in my way with a fun challenge sheet. The service and breakfast facilities at Oyo Rooms were awesome and made my experience with them a memorable one. Looking forward to many more future interactions with Oyo Rooms.

Check out more about Oyo Rooms at the following social media channels or download their app:

Website: http://www.oyorooms.com/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/oyorooms

Twitter Handle:@oyorooms

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