Media Kit

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The blog has collaborated with  lots of amazing brands:

You can collaborate with us in the following ways:

Product Reviews:

Fashion Factive loves product reviews as they provide a creative outlet and means of sharing more content with the readers. Therefore,Product reviews are free. Brands can send over samples and Fashion Factive will review it. But the opinion shared is strictly mine and will always be unbiased. The Product review posts will mention that the samples were provided by the brand for review.


Fashion Factive will happily host a giveaway for the product amongst the readers. The giveaway will be shared on all the social media channels to get maximum exposure to all the readers. The brands/Fashion Factive will then randomly select winner/winners.

Sponsored Post/Website Reviews:

Sponsored post about the Company/Brand is the best way to spread awareness about a brand or campaign. I would talk about the brand/Company/Product and provide links to the company and product site.

Banner Ads:

Side Banner Ads can be customized as per the brand requirements