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I love mixing things up in my outfits especially for Spring Summer. 
Finding out subtle ways to wear mixed trends happens to be one of my favorite pass times. The runways have been so inspiring for Spring summer and the weather In New Delhi is pretty pleasant right now. I have been exploring new places in this city pretty much since I have arrived. 
One of the trends that I really love incorporating in my outfits is styling bracelets/bangles with a watch. Imagine if you could get a bracelet and watch together.  I recently received an amazing bracelet watch from Born Pretty Store.The Born Pretty Bracelet Watch is super cute with a white dial and trendy leather strap bracelets. I styled it with this Polka dot printed summer dress from Asos and a Polka dot Bag pack from Accessorize. I love that I have mixed print in this outfit and still the effect is subtle enough for my taste .   
OOTD Indian Fashion Blog Bag Pack
Asos Dress
Born Pretty Store is an amazing online destination with a lot of options to choose from . The best thing about this particular online store is that they sell and ship a lot of stuff to India which otherwise is not available locally . What I particularly like about the site is that they also sell a lot of beauty appliances, beauty products and even Cute stationery items.I am looking forward to shopping a lot from this site now that I have been introduced to them.

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