Sephora Green Tea Sheet Mask – Review

It seems the sheet mask skin care products have taken over the skin care industry. I had never tried one before and therefore, was drawn to the attractive array of sheet face masks at Sephora. There were a lot of flavors,Rose mask being one of them. It is their best selling mask. But currently, I am drawn towards Green Tea and I picked up this bright green one instead. I loved the fact that these masks are very affordable at 400 INR and very easy to use as well. You just need 20 minutes and you are done.

How to Use:

Put the mask in refrigerator 10 minutes before use for the cool refreshing effect. You just have to take out the mask from the sachet and lay it out on your face and gently pat it down on the face. Let all the goodness soak in for few minutes and then massage it into the face. You can rinse it off as well if you feel like it. But the best thing is to let your skin absorb all the goodness. Apply moisturizer or toner over it to enhance the effect.

Will I use it again ?

For the price and minimum hassle – why not? But it is not equivalent to getting a facial. But your skin feels much better afterwards . I am definitely adding this to my things to do for skin Improvement list .


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