Try To Avoid Over Contouring; and Here’s Why

Try To Avoid Over Contouring; and Here’s Why

Since the discovery of contouring technique to all the ordinary girls of the world, we’ve been struggling to make it right. Sometimes in that struggle we’re not on the winning side. Girls who are trying to create the illusion contouring is designed to make, often go overboard with it creating all the opposite of flattering face contours.

Though, learning how to do your makeup properly is a process, and with time, and a lot of drawn lines, you’ll get there. The perfect Kim-like contouring is just a few strokes of a brush away, and we’re here to help you with that.

What’s gone wrong?

We all want to look like red carpet divas from time to time, and when the secret of contouring was handed to us, it blew our brains away. Suddenly every girl in the world was visiting makeup artists, buying contouring equipment and watching Youtube tutorials about contouring. What those girls didn’t know is that celebs look like that not only because of the very nature of makeup, but also because their makeup artists, beside using the best makeup, know how and when they’ll be wearing that makeup, what kind of light will they be exposed, and how will that makeup look on pictures, videos, etc.


High hopes

The problem is that most of the girls today expect contouring can change their whole look, but the point of it is actually accentuating your best features, though it can be used for creating totally different face features, you shouldn’t be doing that. Contoured face should look like there was no contouring there, and it should take the form of mild shadows on your face. You shouldn’t look like member of the Kardashian clan, but only enhance your own beauty with this technique.


Using the right products

Choosing your products carefully is also one of the keys of achieving natural and beautiful look. Let’s start with one big no-no; don’t use your blush for contouring, it’s simply not designed for that. If you’ve set your mind to use this technique, buy a contour palette. The second no-no is to use products that are a lot darker or brighter than your natural skin color. Range of products which could be found at Alive Skin + Hair are great for achieving natural contouring look appropriate for everyday. When done properly, a well-blended contour can accentuate your features or slim down certain areas, but you should take the “less is more” approach.


DIY, but do it right

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Now we’ll give you a couple of extra tips on how to achieve the out-of-red-carpet contour. Once you’ve chosen the right products for the job, time to get down on it using your weapons of choice. For a natural-looking contour, your foundation should still look like your natural skin. Sweep the darker powder onto your face using the short, dense side of the brush. Use the lighter shade to defuse the color slightly. You can blend it out perfectly using a sponge.

The highlight is supposed to be discrete, so don’t overdo it. Another tip for natural contour look is that you can apply contouring products before applying foundation. Finish the look with a pop of blush on the top half of the apple of the cheek. Don’t forget to moisturize your face before applying any product, for a healthier appearance.

Don’t worry if you don’t get it right a couple of times, with time, you’ll get the hang of it. Remember, contouring is perfect when you’re not noticing it.

This article is a guest post contribution by Cristina Nika from Sydney, Australia. She is a fashion enthusiast and all in all girl who enjoys her life very much. She also loves writing about everything from DIY beauty tips to the latest trends on the runways. Here and there she engages in topics on weddings and healthy lifestyle, too.

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    I loved this article But somehow I feel contouring is not feasible in day to day life , yes might be when you go for a function but too much of work for people like me

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