What Would Your Summer Festival Style Be?

Wherever they go, celebrities draw attention and get noticed. They are allowed to experiment and change their personal style as often as they want, change the color of their hair and the kind of clothes they usually wear. However, there is a time for you to act and look like a celebrity and not be frowned upon. Even if celebrities such as Katy Perry and Kate Moss show up, you could be looking better than them!

Summer Festival Style

Summer Festival Style


One word: braids! The good thing about them is that you don’t have to choose between practical and stylish anymore, you can have both! Braids are very popular and at the same time they protect your hair and keep it away from your face so you’re free to party. Braid your hair in a classy fishtail braid or stylish French braid, or, if you feel like experimenting, you can go all Katy Perry and do slicked back braided pigtails.

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Sun protection

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to keep away from the harmful UV rays. Sunscreen is a must have in your bag, and next to it are other sun-safe accessories. We refer to sunglasses and hats, of course since both are always good to have by your side at every festival. Aviator, cat eye, oversized or wayfarer style, it makes no difference, as long as they protect your eyes, and, let’s be honest, look great at the same time. Hats are also great, and you can wear a small straw hat, o a big floppy one like Alessandra Ambrosio chose to wear.

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Dress(ing up)

Dresses are always a safe choice when it comes to a festival because they allow you to combine different accessories, allow you to move freely, and are incredibly stylish at the same time. If you want to be noticed, wear an LBD and add a colorful kimono, ankle boots, and a floppy hat. You can aim for a more glamorous look, in which case red lipstick is a must, or choose a more laid back one which will look good with open sandals, lace and feathers in your hair.

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Depending on the weather, you can either wear something that is very open and barely covers your feet, or you can opt for boots. Now, if you choose the former, you can wear sandals, flats or even high heels. If, however, you choose the latter, you will show that you can make peace with you party side and your practical side. Watch out, not even Kate Moss can wear heels all the time so she found the way to combine boots with stylish details and rock even if she’s knee-high in the mud. Way to go, Kate!

Spring Summer Shoes

When it comes to festivals, forget about overthinking and keep it as natural as possible. Whatever feels good and right to you, you should wear. Express your personal style openly and see how well you will feel in your skin and your clothes afterward. Everything will be 10x better because you will feel 10x better.

This article is a guest post contribution by Cristina Nika from Sydney, Australia. She is a fashion enthusiast and all in all girl who enjoys her life very much. She also loves writing about everything from DIY beauty tips to the latest trends on the runways. Here and there she engages in topics on weddings and healthy lifestyle, too.

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