Whats in my Travel Makeup Bag ?

For today’s post I thought I’d share the things that I packed with me in my makeup bag as I went on my Mini Euro trip! I love to watch makeup videos on Youtube. I am always interested in what’s inside other people’s makeup kits and so I decided to do a detailed post on what I carried in my makeup dough – nut.

My cute little makeup bag is from Koovs and was one of my favourite things I picked up before I left for my trip. The bag came in handy when I was away because I could take it in and out my suitcase with ease to take to the bathrooms to do my makeup and having everything within reach.





I didn’t really know what all makeup I will need, so although I knew it would be unlikely that I’d wear much makeup, I also didn’t want to feel disappointed if a nice makeup wearing occasion came up!
I actually managed to pack everything I wanted to take in one single make up pouch and it was real easy to pack because of its flat shape. For packing all the stuff I need, I categorised everything into products I need for the Base foundation, lips and eye makeup.
For, foundation and the concealer I took my favourites. The Loreal True Match Foundation  is lovely for a light, glowing base and her Chambor Radiant Under eye concealer 02 goes perfectly with it for the under eye area. I also packed my highlighting Maybelline Lumi Dream Touch Highlighting Concealer in Honey. For, contouring I took along my Sephora Collection Bronzing Powder. I also took along both of my Lakme Blushes in rose and rust colours for the day as well as evenings.
For lips, I had a hard time choosing the colours to carry with me. In the end, I decided to take along only two, one pink shade from my ColorBar Take me As I Am collection for the day time and one dark plum shade of Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer for the evenings in clubs/bars. Of course, I also took along my trusted Himalaya Herbals Lip Balm. The lip liner is from Chambor and matches perfectly with the Rimmel lip lacquer.
For the eyes, I kept it as simple as possible. I took along basically the whole Colossal collection from Maybelline. The eye pencil is Maybelline Colossal Kaajal  . The eyeliner is Maybelline Colossal Liner in Black and the Mascara is also from the Colossal collection. I also packed my Nude eyeshadow palette from Sephora.
For the Nails, I just picked 2 shades – One a bright pink from Colorbar and a nude shade from Maybelline.
I bought almost everything from Nykaa.com and the Sephora Store in Ambience Mall.
I was able to use each item from the makeup kit that I prepared and I am proud to say that I could make it with the bare minimum makeup requirements.
Here is the checklist of essentials for packing makeup when travelling:
Face :
Bronzer and Highlighter
Lips :
Lip Pencil
Lip Stick – Light and Dark
Lip Balm
Eyes :
Eye Pencil
Accessories :
Makeup Remover
Cotton Pads
Makeup Applicators /Brushes

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