Working girl’s guide to Winter Skincare – Shower Routine

I don’t know how many times I have told you guys on this blog that I hate cold and winters. The worst effect of the cold weather is on my skin.

Now, I am definitely not one of those people who will dedicate ten extra chilly minutes in the shower applying body lotion /moisturizer. But because I miss out on this crucial step in skin care my skin suffers a lot and this winter I got a bit worried about the same. So I decided to try out a new routine that will save on time and is easier to stick to on a daily basis.

The coolest 3 words in history of Winter Skincare –

1) Oil based Gel Body Wash, Sugar Scrub and In shower body moisturizer.

2) Sugar Scrub  In shower body moisturizer.

3)  In shower body moisturizer.

5 minutes with these lovelies every day and I am done.

Skin Care - Fall Winter Biotique Nivea In Shower Skin Moisturizer

Shower Routine

Biotique Apricot Body Wash Gel 

Winter Skin Care - BIotique Apricot Body wash Review

RInse and Clean – Biotique Apricot Body Wash

I use the Biotique refreshing body – Bio Apricot wash just because I like the wonderful scent. It’s easy to apply and remove and leaves you feeling clean and refreshed.This body wash is 100% soap free and most of the ingredients are oil based. So it’s great for my dry skin in Winter.

Burt’s Bees Cranberry and Pomegranate Sugar Scrub:

Winter Skin Care - Burt's Bees Sugar Scrub

winter Skincare – Sugar Scrub

Not wanting to use a very harsh exfoliator on my skin as I am not sure of the side effects, I chose Burt’s bees sugar scrub.It exfoliates with crystals mingle with Pomegranate Oil, Cranberry Seed, and Shea Butter in our body scrub to gently polish and condition your skin.
I don’t know whether its true for all skin types but for my dry skin, exfoliation had become a dire necessity. Including this extra step in my skin care routine solves problems like flaky skin, ingrown hair and dead cell removal. For people with sensitive skin, the best option will be to use a homemade mixture of besan, turmeric and yogurt or reduce the frequency of using the scrub to twice a week.

In Shower Body Moisturizer:

Nivea In Shower Body Moisturizer

Nivea – In shower Body Moisturizer

In shower body moisturizer – This neat product from Nivea is a skin savior.Conceptually the difference between In Shower Body Moisturizer and Normal Body Moisturizer is of the application method.Also, the product is designed to work for your skin even after it is rinsed off. Rinse off the body wash, apply this moisturizer and rinse off again. Now this product for me is a deal breaker and is going to reside in my cabinet forever. It leaves the skin moisturized and refreshed and I can go the whole day without applying anything else on my hands for hydration.The best thing about this innovative product is there is no extra time required in your morning routine.I used to skip out on this step a lot simply because I usually forgot to apply the body lotion before getting dressed. Now I can place these 3 products together on my shelf and go through the routine without wasting time or skipping through the steps.

This whole shower routine has helped me get rid of dead dry skin cells and I am pretty happy with my skin right now.

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